Courtship Party / Les Fêtes Galantes

  • Context: opening ceremony of an international exhibition in Cannes
  • Request: find an original idea to open the exhibition
  • Recommendation: Courtship Party / Les Fêtes Galantes

Upon arrival, guests are charmed by characters wearing period costumes, make-up and hairstyles. They interact with the guests revealing secrets from the time such as lovers’ codes, the hidden language of the fan and the practise of applying beauty spots, etc… The entertainment continues for the pleasure of the guests. The decoration is made up of vibrant paintings (three dimensional frames with drapes, floral decoration, suitable furniture) through which participants wander or stop at during the proposed activities. A baroque musical ambiance is created by musicians in costume. To maintain the flow throughout the evening, a dinner cocktail is the chosen format.

A fireworks display over the sea brings this evening to a stylish end.