Surrealist Evening

  • Context:private birthday celebration
  • Request:convivial and festive evening with a surrealist theme
  • The Valérie Tassi Touch: “Surrealism takes pride of place with extravagant costumes required!”

Guests are welcomed by artists on stilts with extravagant costumes and make up. Dishes and buffets presented by the caterer in a way that emphasises their colours and shapes. Even the napkins are adorned with a surrealist poem. Floral compositions on the buffets and at other strategic points reflect the theme. Reproductions of Salvador Dali paintings and those of other surrealist artists decorate the space and there is  a workshop zone where guests can unleash their creativity. A cameraman films the evening asking guests to leave a ‘surrealist’ message for their hosts. Even the birthday cake is designed in keeping with the theme and its arrival lights up the rocks around the pool. The client’s portrait is drawn ‘speed painting style’ and is presented at the end of the evening.