James Bond/007

  • Context: internal meeting bringing together employees from several countries (450 guests via an agency)
  • Request: enrich the chosen theme by emphasising the convivial and fun aspect
  • Recommendation: decoration and entertainment in keeping with the theme

No 007 is complete without a casino, gadgets or magnificent James Bond Girls. And let’s not forget the famous Martini glasses which are used here as illuminated centrepieces in a décor equal to that of the luxury venues frequented by this secret agent.

The evening begins with the most well-known James Bond soundtracks and the projection of the famous spiral on the centre screen. After being welcomed by sexy James Bond Girls and receiving a fake 1000$ note to exchange for casino chips, guests try their luck at Roulette, Poker and Black Jack. They are surprised and entertained by close-up magicians and mentalists and can have their portrait drawn by skilful caricaturists. A souvenir of the moment can also be captured by taking advantage of the accessories at their disposal in the personalised photo booth made available for the occasion.

A fun and very 007 evening…