From Reality to Dreams: behind the scenes…

  • Context: closing of an annual International Exhibition (1000 guests)
  • Request: create an exceptional gala dinner (even more spectacular than previous years!)
  • Recommendation: transform a Provençal market into a prestigious reception venue with reference to the ‘Fifth Element’!

Guests are welcomed by a line of waiters serving glasses of Champagne.

They discover the venue, amazed by such a transformation in a short amount of time. In fact, that morning, the same venue was home to the local market and has been transformed into a sophisticated gala venue. This operation actually required a week of behind the scenes set up during the night (so that the market could be held each morning) – see behind the scenes of D- day here.

The floral decoration was designed specifically for the event, combining different materials displayed in a way that would play with the lights and transparencies. Everything is contemporary (including the tableware). For the main dish, guests have the privilege of being served by the chefs in a filmed and orchestrated ballet whilst on stage a full philharmonic orchestra and choir perform. An opera singer later performed several well-known opera songs in a dress created for the occasion.

For the finale, the opera singer moves the wings of her dress to the music of the DJ (free inspiration of the Fifth Element by Luc Besson). The opera singer then performs Lakmé by Camille St Saens under a shower of sparkles and thunderous applause… Emotions are high… everyone still remembers the long standing ovation today!